Nelson  Cardinals Paintball
Hey this is the Nelson Cardinals Paintball team. This team is not part of the nelson county but open for any player in nelson county. This team is for only high school participants. Anyone who wants to join does not have to try out to be on the team but to be able to play you  have to try out and have your own equipment also. This sport is very expensive and team jerseys you have to buy are around $200. The paint is $15 for 500, $30 for 1000, and $40 to $60 for a case (2000). To participate in an event its $120 for the team so be saving up for this years expenses. The schedule has not been posted but the first game should be soon. We will have a practice team match many times as practice but maybe twice this summer. We will probaly might not practice alot this year as a team so get as much practice by going to local feilds around you. This team plays only speedball and xball. Our goal is to play hard and make it to regionals win that and go on to the world cup where colage teams and pros watch you play.

For this high school team you need to have photo id which you can get at the courthouse and proof of birthdate and address. This is the rules from the rule book for high schoolers. Also the adult traveling with us has to sign a wavier form for us to legaly play, this does not mean your own parent it means any adult.