This is what you need to get for the teams equipment. You need a pair of black paintball pants. You have to have the jersey picked for the team. The mask is optional but is good to have to match other players. The marker you have can be what ever you decide but i would prefere a marker that is electronic. I have a warrgames Mg7 for sale in a pakage with 3000psi tank with a extreme rage elctronic hopper with a jt camo mask all for $300. The gun is 300 with upgrades and the hopper is 40 and the psi tank is worth 80. Please keep in mind if you dont want to blow your money this set is been used about 10 times and i've only had it for about 2 months. If you join this team try your best to get a psi tank instead of co2.
4500 Psi tank. 3000 psi tank are good too pleas no co2 in tournamets or games
These are good guns i would recomend for players who would lyk to try out for the top 5 to 7. These are very good tournament grade guns and the best high school level and collage level guns. Electric hoppers such as the dye rotor, empire prothecy, invert halo and my favorite the veiwloader vlocity are encourge to get. These guns are pricey but they are mid priced and the etek is just as good as the ego if not actually better in some ways.
This the Eclipse Etek am3. This gun is very similar to the ego and somewhat better. This gun Prices at $600
This is the invert mini. This is more of an mid level gun or high entry level gun and is very good for front and mid players that travel light and stay down low. This gun is small and compact. It prices for $300